What Do You Do?

What we do?

The goal of Flight School is to give you the foundation, the confidence and the experience to work through behavioral issues with your bird or other birds if training is a field you are interested in. There are a few options with Flight School starting with if you feel that you would benefit from strictly "book and test" education. This course includes 15 chapters and tests to expand your knowledge of a variety of species, behaviors and training methods. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate from the Council of Avian Educational Advancement. If you wish to share your education, experience and training techniques with others and would like a certification then we encourage you to complete our more intensive program which begins with the "book and test" level and is followed by a study of training techniques that we have used with the most success. This study should take 3-4 weeks to complete and upon successful evaluation you will receive a second certificate and receive the title, "Associate Member for CAEA." The final step is a presentation prepared by yourself and your personal coach showing the techniques that have worked best in your training experience. This presentation will be evaluated by a team of 4-5 members of our advisory team. Once this evaluation is completed and approved, you will receive your final certificate and the title "Professional Specialist for CAEA."

What Is This?
Help! My bird and I need training! 

If you and your bird are struggling with miscommunications and subsequent behavioral issues, then we suggest spending time with a personal coach and trainer who we have tested their knowledge, evaluated their techniques and approved them for one on one training. This coach will be able to offer you explanations of why your bird is doing a behavior and how to respond. We will do our best to match you with an approved coach local to your area but if one is not available we can offer coaching through Skype or Facetime. This program is tailored to your family's individual needs and may last as few as four weeks or indefinitely until you feel confident in the handling of your bird. Our belief at Flight School is not to control or command our birds but to work with them by reading body language, understanding natural behaviors and working with them. We want to be our birds co-pilots because when you and your bird can learn to work together then success is only a step away!